I’ve been away from the blogging world for eight days now, and after some much needed rest, I feel refreshed and renewed. I have much to feel thankful for, like the taste of the apple I bit into today, or the can of sliced pears I enjoyed before I thought of writing you. I have become increasingly mindful of my food as I eat it. I look at the piece of steak before I eat it, noticing the colors and textures of each and every part. I cut off a piece and put it in my mouth. I relish its flavor as it impacts my taste buds, feeling its multifaceted tactile characteristics as it sits upon my tongue before I bite down. Then I chew slowly and deliberately before I swallow, and my stomach knows exactly when to stop. This technique has given me a better relationship with food, and has relieved some of my stomach pain.

My girlfriend, Laura, was the last person I spoke to today. We were watching television in her bedroom when she fell asleep in front of it, with Pumpkin the cat lying beside her with his eyes closed. Words cannot express how much I love and appreciate her. Our relationship has become closer and more inseparable lately. I care deeply about her, and even though we may miscommunicate and argue like all couples do, we don’t take it to heart anymore as we used to.

I peep through the blinds in my window and there is very little sunlight outside, the clouds dark and foreboding, the prognostication of another summer shower. Tropical storm Dorian is rotating in the Caribbean, but it is not moving in our direction. Tomorrow will have a sunny start with stormy weather in the afternoon. The next day I plan to take a trip on my bicycle, and the stationary front which is bringing us the rain is supposed to dissapate then, according to the weather forecast. This will be a good chance for me to see how well the crops are doing in the fields outside of town.

I realize that I have written to you about some very difficult things. I have noticed that my blog is much different than all the others I’ve seen. When I started out, it was as if I wanted to write a book, but now I know that blogs are different. Personal memoirs are not very popular unless you are a celebrity. I thought I would leave a legacy of some sort, but I must admit that I do not always like the direction this blog has been taking me. Psychotherapy is a dirty job, and I have graphically described it — covering all its ghastly details — but I have benefitted from it, and now I am sure that the worst of it is behind me. I’m not seeing Dana as often because I have undergone a transformation.

I would like to thank the blogging community for reading, understanding, and for never passing judgement. All that I have received from you is love and support, and this really brings the sunshine into my heart. So until the next time I write you, have a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Legacy or not, you have done an amazing job for yourself here which I think is more important. You have grown and helped yourself in various ways.
    I hope things get better with each day. and one day, may be, you could add all of this to your memoir šŸ˜‰

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